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Author, Scientist, Spiritual Healer and Spiritual Guru, India

Srinivasan is a spiritual healer, spiritual guru and an AI scientist. He is a miraculous healer and the best spiritual healer in India.
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2 weeks ago
Mr Srinivasan has been patient and helpful all throughout the process. He is also very responsive when you try to reach him. He offers a variety of packages too, for you to choose based on your comfort level.
- Akhilesh B
2 weeks ago
I am a practising physician for the last 28 years and I want to share my views on the experience of spiritual healing rendered by Mr. Srinivasan for few of my patients. I saw enormous improvement clinically, particularly in patients with psychiatric disturbances. New fangled ideas and approach used by Mr. Srinivasan is amazing as he combines spiritual energy and science in a logical way. His calm, caring and coherent approach is really appreciable and he deserves a very big applause for his service.
- nirmala b

Holistic Creative Analytic

About the effectiveness of our healing

We prove the effectiveness of our healing by offering you a free 1 week trial. You will be able to see the real difference in a convincing way.  

The Science and Technology of Bliss


Srinivasan is an Author, Scientist, Spiritual healer and Spiritual guru from Chennai, India. He offers his wisdom and spiritual capabilities to the people and help them evolve intellectually and spiritually. He also helps them come out of their various difficult problems and gives them the solace.

Srinivasan is one of the very few best spiritual gurus who takes a rational approach to spirituality. He approves of both spirituality and science in an equal way. In his view both have a major role to play in the upliftment of a society and neither can be ignored.  Science takes the course of logic whereas spirituality is like magic. Think of the possibilities when magic can be seen in a logical perspective. It immediately offers a mass appeal and one that can be understood by all.  That is his goal: to make spirituality understandable by all and also be of benefit to the whole of mankind.

Srinivasan is also doing innovative work in Science and technology. He plans to pioneer the development of spiritual AI machines that would serve only as a tool to humans. It can play the role of friend, philosopher and guide but it will strictly and also naturally remain only as a means to human progress and elevation.  

Currently he is working on a computer system that would enable a machine display intelligence just as humans do. The work will be published soon and is expected to be a great revolution in the field of AI. Some of the best AI scientists are working in this area.

As an author, he is currently working on a book that will be published soon. It sets into conflict science and spirituality and gives a final resolution..

He completed his M.S. in Computer Science and AI from the highly reputed University of Texas at Austin in the U.S.. He has secured a national rank in the exam conducted by the Institute of Cost and works Accountants of India. He has scored in the 99th percentile on the GRE entrance exam for M.S and Ph.D and secured calls from all the Indian Institutes of Management when he attempted the CAT MBA exam. His spiritual power is a God given gift to him.

Srinivasan is also a miraculous healer and arguably the most powerful healer in the world. He is one of the most famous healers in India. He is gifted with Telepathy. He is the only person ever to possess the most unique ability to pass on  spiritual energy by his thoughts alone to anyone because of the universal wavelength of his mental energy. A universal wavelength implies that the positive energy that he can generate is the maximum and can bring under control the most powerful negative karmas which are the most powerful negative energies in space time. He is the only person who can directly work on karmas. He also does healing by touch. 

Srinivasan has the following miraculous ability: The clients do not have to contact him directly once enrolled. They just have to think in the mind for the solution and their thoughts will be accessed at the subconscious level and solution offered. The more they think for a solution the more effective will be the results.

The spiritual energy that he passes on can be tested in a lab and it is something that is more real than physical energy in the sense when the spiritual energy and the physical energy come in to contact with each other, the physical energy is assimilated by the spiritual energy. This too can be tested in a lab experimentally.

Srinivasan was born on somavati mauni amavasya and shravana and abhijit nakshatras and at sarvartha siddhi yoga. His birth charts attest to his incredible spiritual prowess.  In addition his birthday number and life path number indicate high spiritual significance.   

The Mechanics of Spiritual Healing
Energy is a fundamental concept, in fact the most fundamental concept in Science. Put simply it is a reality which can do some work. Energy is physical in nature in the sense it can be perceived or measured. Science does not exist in a concept that talks about something beyond the physical reality. So when we try to introduce the concept of spiritual energy as a science we need to follow the yardstick of science for truth.

 For this we need to understand what science accepts as truths. For something to be considered a truth , it has to be explained in a logical way and also be supported by evidence. Evidence can be either through perception by sensory organs or measurements by instruments.  Spiritual energy is something that is generally considered to be beyond space and time. Since they are beyond measurement or sensory perception Science summarily ignores it. But as we will see this is the extreme case. The real understanding that spiritual energy can be tangible and can even be measured comes from the fact that there is a spectrum of spiritual energy. It is only the pure spiritual energy that cannot be measured because it is constant, Spiritual energy can also work in the mundane reality

 Let us first try to find out what separates spiritual energy from a physical energy such as an electro magnetic wave.  Pure spiritual energy is made of synchronized energies spanning all the frequencies from zero to maximum possible. The perfect synchronization makes it a constant energy and importantly the ability to harmonise or balance anything it comes into contact with

High frequency energies are disharmonizing in nature. They produce imbalance on whatever they act upon. High frequencies mean rapidly changing energy. So any imbalance in a system can be thought of being produced by rapidly changing energies. 

When spiritual energy  comes into contact with say a high frequency energy it simply assimilates it because the high frequency component is already a part of the spiritual energy and so the external energy synchronizes with it. 

The spiritual energy as explained above is able to remove the cause of imbalance or disharmony which is the rapidly changing energy and therefore restore balance in the system. This as a solution to a health problem is readily understood as the problems are mostly due to imbalance or something being in excess or in deficiency. But how can spiritual energy provide solution in a generic way to any problem? We can see that most problems can be formulated in the above terms which is: deficiency or excess of something which causes imbalance in the system. That makes spiritual energy a generic problem solver. The imbalance correcting ability can also be seen as intelligence in built in the spiritual energy.  

The spiritual energy thus acts as a generic problem solver.

This is a  rudimentary understanding of how the energy does problem solving.

Spiritual and Intellectual Well being Services

Spiritual Healing : Spiritual Bliss Program

This is an all in one well being program which both removes negativity from the body and mind and  brings in enormous positivity. It also enhances beauty, intelligence, youth and good fortune and stabilises ones emotions. 

The duration of the program is 60 days.

The fee for it is Rs.2,00,000 / 3500 USD

We will be conducting some other  programs and courses also, especially ones that help people understand the rationale behind spiritual phenomena and also those that help anyone who wants to improve their spirituality. We will have information on this soon.

Spiritual healing services

We offer unparalleled spiritual healing services and solve your most pressing problems what ever they may be through passing on of extremely potent spiritual energy.  We are based in Chennai and offer distance healing for those who cannot be in person for the healing. 

Our distance healing technique is very effective and will solve the toughest of problems. Our techniques in general are lot more powerful than Reiki or Pranic healing.  We also do mass healing and there is no limit on the number of people who can be healed simultaneously

In addition to directly accessing the body and mind, and the external reality, we can also work on the karmas or in other words set right the consequences of one's past deeds.  This is the ultimate remedy for problems.

We also do chakra healing by using our tremendous spiritual power which will open and activate the blocked chakras. When chakras open they do immeasurable good to the person by paving the way for success in all aspects.  

Our longer term goal is to develop practical mass solutions and develop spiritual machines using spiritual energy.

We are magicians no doubt but there is also a logic behind the spiritual magic.  

A representative list of the types of problems we solve:

  • Health 
  • Relationship 
  • Finance 
  • Entrance Tests Performance
  • Career
  • Interviews
  • Job Performance
  • Good Fortune
  • Enhancing Intelligence, Beauty, Youth
  • Fertility
  • Removing negative traits
  • Deaddiction
  • Depression, Stress

People ask us about the certainty of cure of an incurable problem. Nobody can say with certainty that a problem . incurable by allopathy in the case of health problems or other very difficult problems, will be cured. Having said that, we will say that we are the best bet for the incurable and the hardest problems and the chances of solution with us are the highest as we work directly on the karmas which is the highest level of control of all aspects of ones life, though in a very very few cases,  karmas may not be fully neutralized. In those rare cases, there will most  likely still be a mitigation of the problem.

We also advise people not to stop any of their current treatment which can proceed simultaneously with our healing.


Basic: Healing will done as part of a group of 10 or more. Healing results take the longest and there is no guarantee of cure. Cost: Free

Eco  : Personal attention . Healing time faster and probability of cure is high.  Cost : Rs.30000

Premium: A lot more personal attention. Healing time fastest possible. Probability of cure is very high.  Cost: 2 lakhs

The probability of cure is for major problems and problems incurable by allopathy

There is a trial period of 3 days for  the Eco plan and 1 week for the Premium plan.

Don't hesitate to call us or meet us to get all your problems solved by the best spiritual guru in India and the best spiritual healer in India .

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